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Hurley 22 Duet is For Sale

May 29, 2016 at 10:07 am

Jester Baltimore Challenge 2016

Hurley 22 “Duet” is for sale. £3k to £5k depending on kit.

After a lot of thought I’ve decided to sell Duet. Circumstances mean that I have to sit this season out, and if I’m honest I’d like a boat a little bit bigger to be a little bit more comfortable for the kind of sailing I want to do and I would rather see her used and cherished than sit in a yard.

Her good points: She’s had a lot of work done in the last few years, including 2014 epoxy treatment, brand new outboard engine, rigging and mast overhaul, new Genoa sun strip, new solar panel, LED mast lights and in 2015 I fitted self steering and prepared her for offshore as we took part in the Jester Baltimore Challenge. She is set up very simply for single handed sailing and most of her refitting and adventures are documented here.

Her bad points: If I was keeping her, ideally she would have a rewire (though the mast was rewired in 2014 so it’s just the cabin), there is also a leak that I can’t trace which manifests in a drip in the cabin roof near the mast when it rains (my next move was to remove and refit the stantions which are easily accessible from underneath). As boats go, she’s pretty basic. I’ve removed the portapotti (though you could easily replace it), there is no inbuilt water tank (I use water carriers) and the electrical system is minimal to reduce power consumption, supplying nav lights and instrument only. I use a paraffin lamp in the cabin at night.

She is currently out of the water in West Cork, with storage paid until July. I am happy to assist with delivery back to the UK, or she could be trailered.
She can be a range of prices according to what kit you want with her, from bareboat as I bought her to fully kitted for offshore sailing with the fitted Navik windvane, double burner Origo stove and AIS receiver. A good home, where she will be loved and used, is a priority.

If you are interested, please contact me through this page. Otherwise, please spread the word.

Dock Like a Boss

March 27, 2016 at 7:29 pm

Love this…

Lifejacket, check… Kill chord, check… Dance moves, check…

Safety and experience before labels and the latest gear, a dude on his boat on his own…

Well done Norway.

The Start of the Jester – Photos

March 12, 2016 at 10:14 am

Brian Bird posted some photos of the Plymouth start of the Jester Baltimore Challenge last year on the ybw.com forum and kindly sent me copies.

I’m the red and white chute in the middle… Oh and it does rather look like I’m overtaking bigger boats

What a lovely day that was.

Thanks Brian!

Jester Baltimore Challenge 2016Jester Baltimore Challenge 2016Jester Baltimore Challenge 2016Jester Baltimore Challenge 2016Jester Baltimore Challenge 2016

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