Not my Duet…

March 8, 2014 at 9:10 am
Duet by Claudia Myatt

Image Courtesy of Claudia Myatt

Visit Claudia’s lovely blog here

Boat Envy

March 4, 2014 at 7:23 am

This is a lovely tour around Carole Hasse’s Nordic Folkboat.

How gorgeous (and clean) is it? Very simple (no through hulls, minimal electrics, simple plumbing) but it looks pretty comfortable and clearly very well outfitted.

I understand her comments about her boat feeling safe, and manageable… and almost affordable!

I wonder how easily Duet would scull?

Cardiff Boat Jumble

March 2, 2014 at 3:55 pm

Just back from Cardiff Boat Jumble, which was in the drizzly grey car park of Cardiff Football Stadium.

To be honest it was pretty disappointing… Most were traders, I think there were no more than 3 or 4 private individuals including the 2 dinghy’s on trailers for sale.  I’ve been to a few boat jumbles and there were the usual load of old boys in yellow high-vis waterproof jackets getting excited about buckets of bolts and haggling determinedly over lumps of rusty metal (I just don’t get it?).  Weather was rubbish; I was there an hour tops.

Some of the “bargains” to be found there included a broken Plastimo Mini 100 compass for £50, and 7kg white painted home-made looking Danforth type anchor for £20 (you can buy a new one that isn’t going to make a mess of your forward deck online for £35?).

Disappointingly, though, I narrowly missed out on a 5hp Mariner sail drive with fuel tank and line which had just gone for £200…. But I still managed to come away with this little haul:

Just Back From Cardiff Boat Jumble

37m x 12mm Anchor rode – £30
25m x 8mm Braid on Braid (for new main halyard) – £20
Tin Hempel Boot Top paint – £10
Heavy Weather Sailing – £2.50
The Commanding Sea by Clare Francis – 50p
Around Alone by Emma Richards – 30p

Top Tip #1: Make a list, and look up the best online prices of your list items before you go .  Then you will know if it’s a bargain (or not…)

Top Tip #2: Always stick to your list.

I think I will try Dorset Boat Jumble at the end of the month.  There’s still a lot left on my list…

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