The Boat

hurley 22 drawing

Courtesy of Hurley Owners Association

Type and Model: Hurley 22
Length: 22’ (6.7m)
Beam: 7’5″ (2.26m)
Draft: 3’9″ (1.14m)
LWL: 17’ (5.18m)
Hull Type: Long Fin
Displacement: 3900lbs / 1769kgs
Ballast 2300lbs / 1043kgs
Displacement/Length: 354.38 (this means she’s a pretty heavy cruising boat, good in a seaway)
Construction: GRP
Designer: Ian Anderson

Duet’s Sail Number: 907
Year Duet was made: 1978
Duet’s Builder: South Coast Marine, Plymouth

So, Duet is a 1978 Hurley 22 I bought on eBay in April 2012 for £3000.  She seemed like a bargain then, she was sold with the basics you would need, but 2 more years of economic stagnation and I know I would struggle to get that now.  That summer was a bit rubbish… And I didn’t manage to launch her for a while.  We eventually got her in, and then went out a few times but not much…

Summer 2013 I was a bit busy, and what with the vagaries of the British Summer, didn’t really get out much either… But we then we did a bit of a refit, and got some proper sailing in… It’s all in the blog.

The Skipper

Skipper Little Yacht Duet

Yes I started quite young…

So funnily enough, Duet’s skipper is also of a mid 70’s vintage  …and I’ve sailed most of my life.  First on a gunter rigged Shetland Fourareen day boat, mainly out of Langstone and Chichester Harbours and then on a Trapper 500 called Sula who was also based in Chichester and then later Carentan in Normandy, then back in Portsmouth, and then later again in Hartlepool.  We had Sula nearly 20 years and did a good few miles with her and a good few Channel Crossings… and then in my early twenties Dad and I took her to Norway and back over 2 summers (through the Kiel Canal and up the Baltic, visiting Copenhagen and Gothenburg, ending up in Stavanger). If I’d have kept a log book I reckon it would show a good 10,000 miles?

Its funny though because now I’ve got my own boat (after a bit of a gap) I’ve realised I never got to do the navigation, or helm the boat on or off the dock that often.  But my pilotage is pretty good… I’m actually quite comfortable entering unknown harbours and translating the chart off the page. Also I have never, ever, ever been sea sick. I realise I’m quite lucky in this.

For work I do a bit of IT sometimes, and I also own a clothing company called Wild Stripes. We do “Base Layers” (or “Thermals” if you like). They are stripey, and great for sailing.  I live in mine… go check them out at www.wildandstriped.com.

Oh and as well as Duet I still have the Fourareen. Dad inherited her when my Grandfather died (and he had built her), and she came to me when my father passed. She’s not been in the water in a long while but she’s hard to let go of. Hopefully she will appear in a few posts too…