Alive and Well!

October 25, 2015 at 10:42 am

It’s been a while, eh? Sorry for disappearing on you like that. I’ve had really, really intermittent internet connectivity …And have been gardening.

I bought a 200 year old cottage in County Mayo back in February, and after I made it to Schull with Bill the weather was crappy, my deck fittings were leaking so everything was wet all the time and we literally had a pattern of a two day gale, followed by a day where the sea would have been too rough to go out, followed by 2 days of no wind at all, followed by another gale. Repeat.

So while I was bobbing up and down in Schull listening to the drips and unable to charge my phone because the sun wasn’t out enough, the cottage renovation was calling. Also, if the truth be known, Bill and I had front row seats for the search and rescue endeavours for this awful tragedy as we were leaving Baltimore which did give me the jitters going off on my own. The plan was still to try to get round and up to Galway. That part of the world is beautiful and rugged and wild, but the flip side of that is that it is remote and I hadn’t quite grasped what that means in reality until I got there. It was getting remoter and remoter and there’s a lot of lee shore with nowhere to take shelter.  So after waving Bill “Intrepid” Churchouse off on his voyage back to Poole I left Duet on a mooring in Schull in Mid July and never quite made it back… She’s now safely tucked up in a yard in West Cork for the winter.

So in the meantime, I had the water and electrics turned off to the cottage, made a veg garden, cleared the back garden of 15 x 40′ forestry trees creating about 10 tonnes of chippings and about the same of wood to log, and have had the sheds re-roofed. There’s a whole other blog there if the truth be known, if only I had the time…

But about 10 days ago we finally had the internet connected, even getting a speed of 6 meg! And I have now done a first edit of the 4 hours or so of footage I took from the Jester. I have had a few messages demanding to see some more Jester stuff but to be honest I hadn’t wanted to do it before; I was so bitterly disappointed with the “Lifeboat Incident” I didn’t want to look at the video. I just wanted to crawl under a rock to be honest.

I’m getting over that now though. Time heals, as they say, and it was exciting to see this stuff again and it has brought all the good stuff back. It was a damn exhilarating 3 and a half days to Courtmacsherry and in retrospect was actually pretty profound.

So here is 4 days condensed into 4 hours of footage, condensed into 4 and a half wobbly minutes on youtube. I’ve tried with this video to give you an insight into my experience of the Jester.  I’ve got more videos to do, with more on my decisions and mistakes, but I hope this was worth the wait.