Bringing Home the Silverware

November 23, 2014 at 1:00 pm

I went to the South West Division of the Hurley Owners Association on Friday night, which was at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club on the Hoe.  The traffic from Bristol was hideous, it took me nearly 4 hours to get there and I very, very nearly turned back at Bridgewater…

But even though I arrived an hour late, well after the starters had been served, I still received a lovely warm welcome and it was lovely to put faces to some people I’ve had communication with through the HOA Yahoo Group and this blog.

So I was very flattered indeed to be given the Yearly Achievement Award for my refit and trip, and this blog.  Thank you to everyone who nominated me, I’m really very chuffed.

The trophy is a lovely thing, the engraving says, “South Coast Marine, HURLEY 22 TROPHY, Plymouth Yacht Club” and from the looks of it was first awarded in 1982.

I need to have it engraved with my name and boat. And buy some silver polish too.

Thanks again.

Hurley Owners Association Yearly Achievement Award