I can do far worse than a bit of wind…

February 24, 2014 at 9:47 pm

Right, so the boat was fine! I found one little puddle of rust stained water (about 10cm across) on the forepeak berth. Not too bad?

The genoa halyard shackle is at the top of the mast, but it was there on January 1st and there was up to 40 knots wind blowing through the yard (according to Portland Harbour’s Internet Connected Anemometer) so that will have to stay there for a while longer. The wind instruments all seemed to be at the top of the mast still. The cockpit was empty, and even the bilge was dry. Very pleasing.

So I spent the afternoon taking some measurements for various things; a canvas tiller cover; the cooker tray; a cooker ‘lid’; a canvas cockpit tidy; measured for carpet in the forepeak etc.

I also shot this little video:

A clear example of human kind being a far more casually destructive force than nature.