Cardiff Boat Jumble

March 2, 2014 at 3:55 pm

Just back from Cardiff Boat Jumble, which was in the drizzly grey car park of Cardiff Football Stadium.

To be honest it was pretty disappointing… Most were traders, I think there were no more than 3 or 4 private individuals including the 2 dinghy’s on trailers for sale.  I’ve been to a few boat jumbles and there were the usual load of old boys in yellow high-vis waterproof jackets getting excited about buckets of bolts and haggling determinedly over lumps of rusty metal (I just don’t get it?).  Weather was rubbish; I was there an hour tops.

Some of the “bargains” to be found there included a broken Plastimo Mini 100 compass for £50, and 7kg white painted home-made looking Danforth type anchor for £20 (you can buy a new one that isn’t going to make a mess of your forward deck online for £35?).

Disappointingly, though, I narrowly missed out on a 5hp Mariner sail drive with fuel tank and line which had just gone for £200…. But I still managed to come away with this little haul:

Just Back From Cardiff Boat Jumble

37m x 12mm Anchor rode – £30
25m x 8mm Braid on Braid (for new main halyard) – £20
Tin Hempel Boot Top paint – £10
Heavy Weather Sailing – £2.50
The Commanding Sea by Clare Francis – 50p
Around Alone by Emma Richards – 30p

Top Tip #1: Make a list, and look up the best online prices of your list items before you go .  Then you will know if it’s a bargain (or not…)

Top Tip #2: Always stick to your list.

I think I will try Dorset Boat Jumble at the end of the month.  There’s still a lot left on my list…