Codi Hwyl

March 8, 2015 at 1:35 pm

There’s a lovely series on BBC iPlayer at the moment called Codi Hwyl (which apparently means ‘Raise the Sails’).  It’s two bickering blokes, of your average sailing demographic, having a pretty blokey little holiday on their yacht, and the first instalment sees them sailing across the Irish Sea from Pembroke to Southern Ireland. I found it interesting as they end up in Baltimore (in Episode 3) and it’s interesting to see that piece of the coast.  It looks beautiful, and wild, though Cape Clear does look a bit “choppy”…

It is pretty much all in Welsh, with the odd muttered expletive in English, but down the bottom right of the screen there is an ‘S’ which will turn the English subtitles on.

The boat is a 1970 Halcyon 27 (which is actually for sale here if you’re in the market…) so stuff breaks and they have engine problems, and adding this to the usual mooring “challenges” and their constant bickering, it’s a pretty accurate insight into a summer cruise (maybe apart from the goat milking and yurts and stuff) I think.  Not my summer cruise though, I sail alone…

Definitely worth a watch one evening, but it’s time limited so be quick, and it might not be available outside of the UK.

Codi Hwyl