March Update

April 3, 2014 at 9:46 am

Well, that’s March gone already… I’ve been pretty busy with work, trying to bank some money so I can take some time off this summer to go sailing.  I have also managed to get myself a disc bulge in my neck, which has caused a lot of pain and weakness in my left arm.  It’s not been fun, but with some pretty intensive Chiropractic care i’m well on the mend now and my Chiro promises I will be fixed in time for launch day (now only 6 weeks away!).

Because of the neck/arm thing, progress has slowed.   I’ve been to the boat a few times though and have opened up the outboard well.  It had been blocked with a piece of plastic and quite alot of expanding foam.  In the middle of the foam I also found the depth sounder transducer with a layer of moisture between it and the hull… Which explains why that didn’t work properly! I’ve found an article in a back issue of PBO on how to bed it properly in car filler so I will do that somewhere in the bilge.

Otherwise, I spent half a day gingerly scraping the old antifouling, covering myself in a fine blue dust (though I wore goggles, a mask and overalls).  It was coming off in chunks, but was still a horrid job. I reckon it would have needed another day at scraping, and probably another good few hours filling the inevitable gouges and sanding.  So what with my bad neck n’all I’ve gone and had it sand blasted.  It cost £300 but should save alot of time, and chiropractic bills.

I’ve also scrubbed the topsides, ready for the iroko rubbing strake to be sanded and oiled, and the topsides polished and waxed once my neck is better.

Hurley 22 Sails

Here’s a picture from last summer of my grubby sails. Apparently they will come back ‘like new’. Can’t wait

Inside, nothing much more has been done, though I have had a little go at scraping off the glue and foam backing which wasn’t so easy as I’d hoped.  But I’ve bought some wire brush attachments for the drill (on the advice of the Hurley Owners Yahoo Group) so that should make it easier.

I have been down to Clevedon to see Dick at R&J Sails to drop off a dodger as a pattern.  The sails had unfortunately come back from the laundry looking unwashed but were being sent back again. He’s hoping to get them back to me by mid-April.  I said there was no rush as we won’t be going back in til May.

I think, however, the sand blasting has taken the budget for a sprayhood and I’ve been having second thoughts.  The boom’s quite low, and I don’t know how it would look or fit well, and if it would cause a problem with visibilty forward.  Will have a think on this too.


I also went to the Dorset Boat Jumble last weekend.  Came away with this little haul:

25ft of 6mm chain – £5
Danforth Anchor – £20
Bundle of red chord (string is always useful…) – £1
Outboard lifting harness – £4
Nice piece of iroko (to sand up and then mount the clock/barometer on and hit the hole in the bulkhead) – £3
2 pairs of new Barbour socks (rrp £30 each!) – £6
A new stripey Lazy Jacks sweatshirt (rrp £59.99) – £20
9m of netting for front stantions, and internal storage – £22.50

I clearly didn’t take my list (socks?!)… But still got a few bargains.