My SHTF Locker

June 5, 2015 at 3:22 pm

Preparations continue apace for the Jester Challenge, just 9 days away now.

Duet is a small boat, and I am having a little trouble stowing everything, though to be fair the Hurley 22 does use its space quite well. I have no inboard engine so there’s a massive space under the cockpit even.

But I just wanted to show you the contents of my storm locker. I’ve chosen the first locker to port at the bottom of the companionway. It’s easy to get to, and the cushion on top is small and easy to handle.

So in here I have the stuff I might need in heavy weather, or first response in an emergency if something major broke (like the mast or rigging failed, or the tiller broke, or a sail ripped, or we sprang a leak or hit something): A real ‘SHTF’ situation… It’s not a very big locker, and as well as this stuff I have amassed a fairly respectable tool and spares kit over the past couple of years which is stored in another 2 under bunk lockers.

Storm locker

But in here I have put the following:
Bolt croppers (for cutting away rigging)
Hacksaw (for cutting away rigging if conditions are too bad to be able to use bolt croppers, which need two hands. Will also obviously cut wood and fibreglass)
Sail repair tape (sewing kit elsewhere)
Cable ties
Gaffer tape
A cone drogue
A builder’s bag (for use as a storm drogue as an alternative to the cone)
Wooden bungs (I did change all the seacocks last year though)
Spare winch handle. (I know from experience it’s very easy to lose these over the side…)
Flares (and I have a white handheld flare mounted just inside the companionway)

It does all fit in there nicely, and I’ve put turnbuckles on all the lockers (and the floor) now so it should all stay in there if we get rolled.


Hopefully though this won’t happen, and I won’t need this stuff… But I know it’s there.