One Pan Fry

August 20, 2014 at 1:06 pm

So you’ve been sailing all day and are moored safely somewhere relatively peaceful now.  The cockpit has been tidied up, and the sail cover may even be on.  You can still hear the wind in the rigging, but you’re well sheltered and on a buoy (so no need to worry about the anchor setting)

…But you’re tired, a bit cold, and hungry. Yes, definitely hungry. First things first; get a brew on. Then what to have for dinner?  Clearly nothing too adventurous on a one-burner stove (and we’ve had enough adventure for today anyway…)

Well, this really hit the spot one day last week:

One Pan Fry

Serves 1.

Slosh of olive oil
1/2 courgette
1/2 onion
handful mushrooms thickly sliced
1 tin ham cut into chunks
handful cherry tomatoes sliced in half
Salt and pepper
1 tin baked beans 
(Clearly you can substitute the veg for what you have, and if you’re veggie leave out the ham or substitute it with another protein.)


Slice all veg and the tin of ham so they’re about the same sort of size.

Heat the oil and add the courgette, onion and mushrooms with a pinch of salt and fry on a medium heat until til they are nicely browned (a little salt at the beginning helps draw the moisture, which then cooks off and they brown better)

Add the ham and let that warm through and start to brown too.

Add the tomatoes last and just let them soften.  Too much and they will disintegrate…

Season really well with lots of pepper.

Empty the pan onto your plate and re-use it to heat the beans (who likes washing up anyway?)

Serve with bread and butter if you are that way inclined (the beans are carby enough for me…), and of course a big mug of tea.

Harbour Fry

Eat with a spoon, wearing pyjamas…