Plymouth to Fowey

September 10, 2014 at 8:50 pm

Yes, so there may well have been a window on Wednesday, but on Tuesday evening I got drunk, by mistake, with the neighbours… and then the weather came in as predicted so in the end I didn’t get out of Plymouth until the 31st August!  (12 days in total!)

It was a good passage, I made good time, and managed to sail pretty much all of the way, putting the engine on about 3 miles off Fowey which was by then dead upwind, and the light was starting to fade.  However, I felt quite anxious the whole way, to the point of nearly turning back a couple of times.  Something didn’t feel right but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Maybe I had been in harbour too long?  Maybe I’d been spooked by the incident with the mooring buoy?  Maybe I was worried about the sea state (the wind did rise a bit).

It wasn’t until I got to Fowey and I took the main down I realised that the topping lift had been caught and was tight, to the point of slightly scandalising the main sail (lifting the boom and depowering the mainsail).  I wonder if I could feel that the boat wasn’t powering properly and wasn’t right, and it was that making me anxious?

Despite this it was a good passage.  We had a lovely beat in a steady force 4 and I even managed to lash the helm with bungee and she steered herself.

Fowey’s pretty too. Oh and it’s pronounced ‘Foy’, like ‘toy’, not ‘Fowey’ like ‘Bowie’.  Just so you know.