Rain stops play

April 6, 2014 at 1:41 pm

Was all set for a good weekend of working on the boat and left Bristol with the van packed at just gone 9am. Neglected to check the weather though and was surprised to encounter thick fog on the Mendips.  Really thick fog, and loads of people too scared to drive over 35mph….

Sped up a little through Yeovil, and then back to a crawl behind a lorry over the Dorset Downs again shrouded in thick fog/low cloud.  Eventually descended down to a the foggy, damp boatyard just gone 12.30pm.  Normally it takes 2 hours door to door.

My left arm was feeling strong and without pain so I thought I’d crack on with the bottom of the boat, rather than the cabin (and besides, if I’m honest I don’t really like going up the ladder… and it was quite windy)

So after my scrub off with some car shampoo and a scrubbing brush the other week hadn’t really done much for the sling marks or waterline staining, I cracked on with the topsides and some cleaning products, got absolutely drenched, it started raining lightly…. then everyone around me started leaving and saying that really heavy rain was forecast for Sunday. Then it started raining heavily… and even the man near me had to give up with his powertools and go home.

Dammit, I was soggy, cold and a damp night in the back of the van wasn’t very appealing (so I must still be nursing the neck).  I gave it up and came home in the end.

I feel I have made some progress though, and I have had a good look at the hull after the sand blasting.  Found a few blisters under the boot top, which explains why it had been raised – I always thought it was a bit high as she sat in the water! I sought counsel from  a few of my neighbours (love the camaraderie in boatyards!) on whether to epoxy or not and the decision is that it’s a good opportunity now the hull’s clean.  So that’s more items to go on the list of works.  Some off, and some on… It’s a journey though, right?

Fingers crossed for good weather Easter weekend.

Here’s a video.  Just wish I could find the motivation to clean my house with this much enthusiasm…