How I removed the foam backed headlining

May 9, 2014 at 8:23 am

Finally near the end of removing Duet’s head lining and I’ve made a little video on how I’ve done it.

I posted it to the Hurley Owners Yahoo Group yesterday and David came back quickly and said he’d been told by a boat builder to use paint brush cleaner liquid and it had worked a treat (and was cheap).  I guess there are many ways to skin a cat, as it were…  Though I’m not sure paint brush cleaner is any easier as it would have been pretty suffocating in the cabin.

However, I am going to try the paint brush cleaner myself as even the wire brushes have left a little glue residue (that I was just going to try and paint over) and I also think it will be easy to spray it in the corners/crevices where the wire brush won’t go.  (And in the lockers as it was pretty difficult to get in the corners!)

Anyway, here’s the video: