Sails, check!

May 28, 2014 at 5:55 pm

Took a tripdown to Clevedon this afternoon to pick my sails up from the lovely, helpful, knowledgeable Dick Hannaford at R&J Sails, just off the sea front.

When I arrived there was a pretty tan lug sail in pieces laid out on floor for ‘lofting’ and the Classic FM was blaring.  Clearly a traditionalist, and I’ve not seen a computer at R&J Sails, so I’m guessing Dick still uses the old ways.

Although Duet’s sails have been laundered, with an extra deep clean (twice) they are unfortunately still a bit grubby looking. They came back in March and we thought they hadn’t been done so they went back again for another wash but strangely although Dick has had mildewy sails come back sparkling, the grime on my sails doesn’t seem to want to shift. In mitigation though, I recently found the original receipt from Crusader for them which was dated 1994: So they are 20 years old!

R&J Sails  Sailmaker Hurley 22

In any event, when I first took them in back at the beginning of December I was steeling myself for the expense of a new genoa. However Dick is adamant that there is plenty of life in it (and the main sail) yet. He’s done quite a few repairs this time though: the main sail has had new battens (2 were split) and the batten pockets have been redone (the elastic had gone). The genoa has had a new sacrificial strip in smart Navy blue, a new clew, new spreader patch, new luff rope and metal fitings, and both sails have new telltales. I’ve also got some new dodgers, again in smart dark Navy blue.

Really impressed by the quality of work.  Dick clearly has amazing attention to detail and knows his craft.  He was so dismayed by the grubbiness of the returned sails he made them take them back again for another wash, and has only charged me for the standard wash when they still came back imperfect.

Can’t wait to get them all on. And I can now cross this off the list.

So, after picking the sails up I took the dog over Wains Hill, and round to look at the mud and boats at Clevedon Pill which, in its glory, always serves to remind me why I keep Duet on the South coast rather than closer to home. The tide was a long way out but I think that’s a very sorry looking Hurley 22 second from the left?  Flat Holm on the horizon in the distance too.

Boat Parking at Clevedon. Hurley 22

Boat parking at Clevedon.