My £20 Sprayhood Substitute

May 13, 2014 at 3:15 pm

Duet’s never had a spray hood. There is no frame, or even attachments for a frame. (And I kinda get the impression she never went very far in her previous lives…)

I’ve always sailed on boats with a sprayhood, and with the vagaries of the British sailing season (I won’t say Summer), I consider them to be pretty essential to morale.  So I had Moatt Sails quote for a new one, and they gave me a price of £724 …but I couldn’t justify spending 20% of the value of the boat on a spray hood even when they offered to throw in a new pair of dodgers!

Then I found one for £360 from Martex Marine that you have to measure and finish off yourself, but I heard good things about them on the YBW boards, and my sailmaker offered to finish it if I brought it to him… But it was still 10% of the boats value. Which is a lot.

And then I had her sand blasted and in my mind that took the budget for the spray hood. So to cut a long story medium length, the spray hood will have to wait! (And I  wasn’t too sure how it would obscure vision from the cockpit anyway…)

In the meantime, my sprayhood substitute has just arrived: A lovely heavy duty traditional Sou’Wester from Guy Cotten, a French brand known for their yellow oilskins worn by fishermen, so it’s a proper job. I got a size L and it is massive, but has a chin strap to hold it in place.  Good length on the back in case I get a green one down the back of my neck, and at £20 it was a hell of a lot cheaper than a sprayhood.

However, I suspect it may only be worn at sea and never harbour-side even in inclement weather:  I have to admit there’s something of Paddington Bear with it on…

Guy Cotton Sou'Wester

Quite a strong look…