Start Point

August 20, 2014 at 10:28 am

I left Dartmouth wearing full oilies, in accordance with the forecast. But these soon came off as it was an oil slick calm and I was in full sun.

Then we got some wind, but of course it was from totally from the wrong direction…

Then the sea whipped up (I’d left in time to be taken round on the tide of course, so we had wind over tide)

It took 6 hours to cover 21 miles and I was in time for tea, so no big issue really.

Just annoying:  the weather forecast said NW 3-4 which would have been perfect.

What we got was nothing, and then a SW 4-5 (so dead on the nose).

Look at the sky, it was pretty squally. What can I say? I like to sail… that is all.