Still not quite…

June 30, 2014 at 9:08 pm


Early start this morning, the rigger from the chandlers (who’d made up the new cap shrouds) swung by just after 8. He took a look and suggested I file out the holes in the chainplates to fit the new 6mm clevis pins (the holes were 5mm so it wasn’t much). He even lent me a file.

Once that had been done I hustled a mate, and we got the mast up with the help of the A frame I’d built. I’ll try and do a post on that separately but I followed the instructions I’d been sent by Ian Anderson of the Hurley Owners Association. It was pretty straightforward and remarkably effortless. Still pretty nerve wracking though!

Once the mast was up it very quickly became apparent that something wasn’t quite right as the mast wouldn’t go upright. At first we thought the cap shrouds were too short, and then the forestay was too loose so I had to take the furling apart again to tighten the forestay, and then discovered that a load of aluminium filings from shortening the foil had slid down the inside of foil and were all in the bearings, so that all had to come apart and be cleaned and regreased.

So, after a day of faffing and a return trip from the rigger it’s now looking like the back stays are too short.

I hoped this wouldn’t happen but kinda not surprised; after all I have shortened the forestay by 3 inches and if the back was anything other than very loose this was going to happen.

So tomorrow I need to sort out the running rigging which seems to all be the wrong side of the spreaders and then extend the split back stay, probably just with some shackles. Not a pretty solution but it should work for now until I have figured out the tuning.

However, she’s looking a lot straighter, eh? Certainly straighter up to the spreaders than she was before, and lengthening the back stay may help the top half (depending on how bent the mast actually is…)

Fingers crossed.