Swinging Mooring

July 16, 2014 at 10:37 pm

Thank you very much to the Commodore of the Castle Cove Sailing Club and his wife, who kindly let me use their swinging mooring in Portland Harbour for the last week or so while I do some sea trials/shakedown and before they take delivery of their new boat.

I’ve not had much experience of a swinging mooring (the boat I grew up with was always marina berthed) but it’s been really nice to have the privacy and solitude out on the mooring on the boat …y’know just making the transition from landlubber to sailor again: Getting everything stowed for sea, finishing up a few jobs and even just the little things like getting more comfortable moving about on deck and below. I’m also pleased to report that after 10 days I seem to have even stopped banging my head! (Touch wood)

However, I recorded this on Sunday… I hadn’t been ashore in 3 days. Clearly a touch of cabin fever.