Ships that Pass in the Night…

September 16, 2014 at 7:20 pm

I liked Fowey, very pretty. Quite like Dartmouth, and Salcombe but a bit more spiky looking. I’d got there at about 8pm and decided to stay a day so I could have a look round (and it was £11.50 a night which seemed like a bargain after the marina in Plymouth!). I went ashore the next day on the water taxi and had a mooch about then a cream tea, a pint of Rattler and a pasty (yes in that order!)

The other grockles soon got irritating though so I headed back to the boat.  I guess that’s 2 months of single handing for you…

Fowey Harbour Hurley 22

Duet on the buoy, looking upstream

Fowey Harbour Hurley 22

The red rocket navigation light

Fowey Harbour Hurley 22

Fowey Harbour Hurley 22

Duet at the back there…

Fowey Harbour Hurley 22

Towards the harbour mouth, Fowey on the right, Polruan on the left.

Something interesting happened later that night though…

Plymouth to Fowey

September 10, 2014 at 8:50 pm

Yes, so there may well have been a window on Wednesday, but on Tuesday evening I got drunk, by mistake, with the neighbours… and then the weather came in as predicted so in the end I didn’t get out of Plymouth until the 31st August!  (12 days in total!)

It was a good passage, I made good time, and managed to sail pretty much all of the way, putting the engine on about 3 miles off Fowey which was by then dead upwind, and the light was starting to fade.  However, I felt quite anxious the whole way, to the point of nearly turning back a couple of times.  Something didn’t feel right but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Maybe I had been in harbour too long?  Maybe I’d been spooked by the incident with the mooring buoy?  Maybe I was worried about the sea state (the wind did rise a bit).

It wasn’t until I got to Fowey and I took the main down I realised that the topping lift had been caught and was tight, to the point of slightly scandalising the main sail (lifting the boom and depowering the mainsail).  I wonder if I could feel that the boat wasn’t powering properly and wasn’t right, and it was that making me anxious?

Despite this it was a good passage.  We had a lovely beat in a steady force 4 and I even managed to lash the helm with bungee and she steered herself.

Fowey’s pretty too. Oh and it’s pronounced ‘Foy’, like ‘toy’, not ‘Fowey’ like ‘Bowie’.  Just so you know.

Weather Forecasting (or not)

August 26, 2014 at 3:23 pm

The weather’s turning rubbish, eh? I’ve had a few very chilly nights, and it seems every time I go out I end up beating into 20 knots of wind, regardless of what the Met Office has forecast. In fact I’m starting to grow distrustful of the Inshore Waters forecast as it seems to be often very wrong. For example for Salcombe-Plymouth I was forecast SW 3-4, but got a NW5!

Windguru seems to be more on the money though, and has the benefit of giving you 7 days and is localised. I’ve also just been recommended WeatherWeb which seems promising too…  Apparently there is a high coming at the end of next week, but it will be short lived unfortunately.

It is all very changeable though. Yesterday I saw 30 knots, while today the wind have been very light.  Looking last night I was going to try to make a dash for Fowey tomorrow morning (Wednesday). The tide is favourable after 6am (and it’s a Spring) and it’s 20 miles so should take 5 hours ish. Looking at this there is a window. The winds have moderated and would be from behind, and the wave height is lower (and this is really important for a little boat).

Apparently the Tall Ships Regatta is on in Falmouth this weekend, and it would be good to get there for that. Either that or I’ll be stuck here til next Sunday by the looks of it.

Watch this space…

I’ll be watching the weather…


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