All Eyes on the Weather.

June 1, 2015 at 3:40 pm

Weather Report Monday 1st June 2015

So, I’m in Plymouth Yacht Haven sitting out yet more windy weather…  Just under two weeks to go to the Jester Challenge and I’m using the time constructively making final preparations (securing things down mainly, but more on that in another post). The Navik’s had a couple of run outs and is working well. I’ve managed to clock up 75 miles in the last week or so which i thinks a lot for ‘pottering’.

I’m watching the weather closely though, as no doubt are all the Jester Challengers. I have to say things are looking brighter for next week, and Simon Keeling has just forecast a period of fairly settled, albeit thundery high pressure. So that means Easterlies (!)

Im also watching Magic Seaweed, as I like their surf chart which models the expected swell. The free service runs out a week ahead and you can see the chart here. Press play in the top right hand corner and it will roll through the days.

Finally, I have to say has been pretty much spot on lately, though more than a few days ahead does seem quite changeable.

As for me, I’ll be here in the marina til after my final dentists appointment on Wednesday… Then I need a good week of mile building and some night hours to test everything’s ok properly. I really need to do some longer runs. I’m thinking Plymouth to Dartmouth to Helford (making the run up to 100 miles with a few big tacks) back to Plymouth for mid-end next week, ready to refuel and rest up ahead of the Challenge.

Just need it not to be blowing a gale with a 3m swell “ideally”…

May Weather

May 3, 2015 at 8:01 am

The house is sold, all my possessions are in storage in Bristol, I’ve been to Ireland for a week, then back to Plymouth where I’ve been working on Duet in the yard for a couple of weeks now.

Just dropped the dog off for her summer vacation in Norfolk and I’m back in Plymouth hoping to launch on Tuesday.

Of course, as it’s a bank holiday weekend the weather is atrocious. I slept aboard last night for the first time this year and the rain hammered the deck and the wind shook her on her chocks. But I have a new memory foam mattress, and it was far warmer than the van… Squished in the forepeak with the sail bags.

But by the looks of it I won’t be going far next week… This is WindGuru for Plymouth Sound:


Simon Keeling isn’t optimistic about the next couple of weeks either…

Lots of time for writing blog posts by the looks of it… I’ve got lots to write up though.

More coming soon.

Weather Forecasting (or not)

August 26, 2014 at 3:23 pm

The weather’s turning rubbish, eh? I’ve had a few very chilly nights, and it seems every time I go out I end up beating into 20 knots of wind, regardless of what the Met Office has forecast. In fact I’m starting to grow distrustful of the Inshore Waters forecast as it seems to be often very wrong. For example for Salcombe-Plymouth I was forecast SW 3-4, but got a NW5!

Windguru seems to be more on the money though, and has the benefit of giving you 7 days and is localised. I’ve also just been recommended WeatherWeb which seems promising too…  Apparently there is a high coming at the end of next week, but it will be short lived unfortunately.

It is all very changeable though. Yesterday I saw 30 knots, while today the wind have been very light.  Looking last night I was going to try to make a dash for Fowey tomorrow morning (Wednesday). The tide is favourable after 6am (and it’s a Spring) and it’s 20 miles so should take 5 hours ish. Looking at this there is a window. The winds have moderated and would be from behind, and the wave height is lower (and this is really important for a little boat).

Apparently the Tall Ships Regatta is on in Falmouth this weekend, and it would be good to get there for that. Either that or I’ll be stuck here til next Sunday by the looks of it.

Watch this space…

I’ll be watching the weather…


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