Sea Trials Video

August 12, 2014 at 12:16 pm

I had a request on Facebook for more videos of Duet under sail, so I’ve put this together (after having initially rejected it for wobbliness and poor sound quality and lots of wind noise)

What do you think?

This was our second time out, in company with fellow Hurley 22 ‘Natasha’ and under genoa only (I hadn’t rigged the reefing lines yet and in this wind she would have needed a reef). Gorgeous day for a sail :-)

I’ll keep trying with the video, and now I’ve done some miles and had some practice balancing the sails (here’s my log!) and I’m hoping to soon have some bungee self steering rigged which will free me from the tiller and I’ll be able to shoot more video and take more pictures…

Going West?

July 28, 2014 at 9:42 pm

“Going West?” said the skipper of the pilot cutter. “Yes”, we answered, and felt like adventurers.  “And you?” He shook his head.  We’d have a head wind, he reminded us, all across the bay.  We knew it, but we had a good ship, too. The west wind still blew.  When we were clear of the harbour we backed the jib and let the boat lie while we hoisted the dinghy on deck, and lashed it.  That done, we let draw, set the foresail and mizzen, and stood away for the Shambles Light.  Our voyage had begun.  We were bound west, to visit a new country beyond the Bill…”

Aubrey de Selincourt wrote this in 1948.

Nothing much changes then, the wind is still on the nose… It’s 65 miles to Brixham, so at 4 knots that’s a bit over 16 hours.  I’m going the outside passage, 6 miles off, as we are on Spring tides and the currents are stronger and the lobster pots on the inner passage will be invisible under water.

My tide is fair to leave at 1130 tomorrow (and yes that’s BST), 2 hours before high water Dover, so I’ll check the weather in the morning. But it’s looking like West or North West f3 or f4, sea state smooth or slight.

So that’s perfect then… Just on the nose.

Shakedown Week 1 – Hurley 22 Natasha

July 28, 2014 at 5:43 pm

Seems like ages ago now, but I just kinda pottered for the first week.  It took me 4 days to stow everything (no lie) and to be honest, I’m still stowing stuff now really.

I went home for a dentist’s appointment and took a load of clothes home with me.  I still have too much stuff really, or the boat is too small.  But I spoke to the owners of a 38 foot Pacific Seacraft who were having the same problems.  Go figure.

I had a couple of nice sails in Portland Harbour, but between you and me I find it terminally dull whooshing backwards and forwards.  I never did dinghies…

Portland Harbour

Portland Harbour

I was then contacted by the owner of Natasha, another Hurley 22 moored in Weymouth (through the medium of Instagram if I remember correctly?!) and we arranged a rendez-vous at the East entrance to Portland Harbour one Saturday afternoon.  The weather was a blustery NW f4 with a little steep sea, so we just went under genoas down to White Nothe, tacked back South and then back into Portland Harbour. It was Duet’s first time out of the harbour and I was happy how she went.  Bombed along down wind past Natasha, but when we turned up wind it was Natasha’s turn to move ahead.  I think it was sloppy sail trim, though overall I was happy how she’s going.  I even logged 6 knots across Portland Harbour towing the dinghy.  There has to be some tide in that though…

Natasha picked up a nearby mooring in Portland Harbour for a quick cup of tea and more comparisons.

Great opportunity for some photos.  Thank you James!

Hurley 22 Natasha

Hurley 22 Natasha


Hurley 22 Duet

Hurley 22 Duet

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