Winter Maintenance 2014/15

Here’s my winter maintenance/refurb list for 2014-15.  Seems shorter than last year, but then again that just grew and grew…

Sails / Canvas Work

Check and Launder Sails.
– Remove and wash sheets / warps
– Launder sail cover
– New sprayhood and frame (she’s never had one!). I’ve been quoted £600 from CJ Marine, £724 from Moatt Sails fitted, but I’m hedging towards the £360 for one from Martex Marine that I need to finish myself (though Dick from R&J Sails has said he could do finish it for me if I brought it to him).  After a good season of use I think this would be quite life changing actually…
– Put a 3rd reefing point on the main, if it is feasible.  It’s looking pretty tatty and I’ve had to replace a few brass rings (cringles) for the slides as they disintegrated, and the luff rope is looking pretty worn. It’s 20 years old now… Fingers crossed, as this would be expensive.
– I want a cruising chute. Maybe also storm jib.  Watching eBay, and also going to look for second hand. Need to work out what size I would need. Bought on eBay £190


– Get the engine out and off
– Service the engine
– Need to stop the engine swinging in heavy sea too… Need to mount a D-ring or something that I can tether the outboard to on a quick release hook.


– Sand and oil/varnish rubbing strake
– Antifoul and boot top
– Clean/polish topsides
– Replace rotten teak trim around hatch – the teak has been bought and oiled.  I just need to do this.
– Oil deck brightwork
– Refurbish wooden blocks the halyard winches are on. Sand with Dremmel and Olj Deks
– Clean out and tidy cockpit lockers.  Do I really need all that manky rope?
– Fit jackstays.  I’m going to run them over the top of the cabin roof, from the bow to the main halyard cleats. No point running down the side decks as they wouldn’t keep me from going over the side… Decided not to fit, have made a long line tether a la Bill Churchouse
– Service winches, including the halyard winches this year.
– Clean deck and cockpit with Cillit Bang and Magic Eraser!
– I *think* I have identified that the last remaining internal leak is coming from water getting in the hatch coming.  I need to remove the hatch lid and get inside and check it’s water tight inside the back.  The runner housing is also cracked so I can also refurbish this at the same time.


– Open up jammed water tank locker and refurbish or replace.  I definitely noticed that Duet’s trim was off this year with an empty water tank!  That locker is just wasted space.
– Stainless steel for under side of cooker lid.
– Curtains for forepeak
– Deep clean before recommissioning.
– If I am going to spend any length of time aboard next summer I want a memory foam mattress topper for the forepeak. I’d cut this to size/shape myself though.
– Music.  I need something better to play music on…
– Install Origo stove with pan holders to replace camping stove (bought on eBay for £141 inc postage)

Electrics / Nav Stuff

– Look at moving the switch panel so I’ve got somewhere comfortable to sit?
– I need more battery power.  Need to find somewhere to create new battery storage, with a switch? Under starboard quarter berth? Or just replace 70Ah battery with a 110Ah in the same space
– Battery charging – Another solar 20w solar panel fitted to forepeak hatch? Wind vane? Not this year
– Replace strip light in forepeak with LEDs under the lockers Not this year
– Get the Garmin 128 GPS talking to the DSC VHF (The Garmin NMEA + Out is the blue wire. The black is the NMEA- and -ve. The radio NMEA In + is blue The NMEA Common is green.So blue to blue, black to green.)
– Fix Log (new wheely thing)
– Fit Navik bought on eBay for £580 inc postage. Need to remove outboard bracket and move boarding ladder on the stern.
– Fit NASA Clipper AIS and secondary antenna
– Wire in outboard charging.  Every little helps…
– Create a companionway seat.


– Properly tune the rigging! Might need to tighten up the forestay a bit more. Buy rigging tensioner.
– Replace bottle screws on lowers and split backstay
– Step the mast
– Check over last year’s works for any issues.  Especially the ends of the new spreaders.
– Fix masthead light. I think this is just the connection at the mast head. It was new, and the mast re-wired last year… tested OK on the mast when on the ground but when we got it back up it didn’t bloody work!
– I want a back stay tensioner. Changed my mind
– Removeable inner forestay for a storm jib? I have a D ring on the deck that might work.  Also kept the old cap shrouds (with talurit splices) that I might be able to do something with?
– Put on thing to alter angle of genoa halyard to stop it jamming.  Can’t remember what you call this.  Needs something simple on mast head.