Work Begins 2015

March 9, 2015 at 2:53 pm

Just back from 3 days down the boatyard, making a good start on this year’s list.  Managed to cross a few things off, which is nice even though much of this early work feels like destruction rather than fixing things. “You can’t make an omelette” I guess…

Three main areas were shuffled along in progress along their respective journeys; the first was the water tank which I finally managed to get open by drilling out the inspection hatch. Hurley 22s generally have a moulded fibreglass water tank in the bow, and I’d not been able to get the hatch open previously. It was predictably grim and mouldy inside, and it did seem to have a crack as I had expected (it leaks). The outlet pipe is copper and is sealed with some very suspect looking sikaflex, also a potential source of a leak .  I’m not sure what to do with it now, the uppper ‘lid’ is very stuck down with sikaflex and a crazy amount of screws.  I think to get that off to refurbish it is a bit of a task and to be honest having seen the mould I probably wouldn’t want to drink from it, even cleaned up.  The other option I’d thought about was to use the space with a flexible liner.  I’ve heard of people having problems with them splitting and leaking, but we had one for 20 years with little trouble, other than ‘taint’ and cleaning problems. I might just clean out the space and use it as a tin locker, or somewhere to store bottled water.  I did notice Duet’s trim was a little off last year with the outboard in the back of the boat so it would be good to try filling it with something heavy.

Here’s some pictures:

The second area was trying to sort out the leak that comes in the cabin roof.  It was a bit of a case of one step forwards, two steps back and the easiest answer I think would be to get a spray hood.

I made a video to try to explain it:

Finally, I cleared the stern ready to fit the Navik. The outboard bracket came off with a bit of assistance from a friend as it was bolted on and needed someone outside to turn the bolts and inside to hold the nuts.  Then it was just a case of levering off the wooden block which was stuck in place with some mastic. It’s nice to have that ugly thing off… Even if it is only a brief interlude before I get the Navik on there. I’m hoping the yellow stain will go with some oxalic acid.

Hurley 22 Duet's Stern

Before and After

Apart from that I also washed off, de-stained and then waxed the topsides …and also sanded off and repainted the blocks that the halyard winches and jammers are on. I used Superdec, as I had some left over from the interior last year. It is made for exterior window frames after all… Still felt like a bit of a maverick rebel though.

Good weekend’s progress all in all.